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  • Meal package for 2 people
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Quebec gastronomy package - Gastronomy


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For those who appreciate good food and drink, here is the Gastronomy gift box.


This box gives the recipient the chance to choose from some 50 gourmet experiences in Quebec. For foodies, nothing beats getting to choose their own unforgettable culinary adventure.


-Select from the range of Gastronomy packages below.

-All the Gastronomy packages include a gourmet meal or a tasting session.

-Packages are valid for two people.

-With the Gastronomy gift box, you can choose from 50 gift experiences.


Plenty of gourmet experiences in Quebec to make your taste buds (and heart) sing

As the  saying goes, “The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.”


So get into the good graces of a couple or family member in your life by giving them a gift that will go straight to their stomach...  since that’s the way to get into their hearts!


What types of experiences are offered in this gift box?

Here are some examples of gourmet experiences you’ll find in the box:

-A classic Italian meal

-A four-course blind dinner

-A delicious meal with oriental flavours

-And many other possibilities. More than 50 packages to choose from.


For those in your life who swoon at the taste of a fantastic meal, give the gift of a unique culinary experience!


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