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Brunch gift box


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Do you know someone who has passion for food? The kind of person who can never go more than three sentences without talking about their fantastic new recipe for crêpes bretonnes? If the answer is “yes,” we have the perfect gift for you!


Give them a truly memorable gourmet treat. With the Brunch Experience gift set, this bona fide foodie will get access to a host of restaurants where they can enjoy a good morning meal with you, or with someone else (after all, it’s their gift, so they get to choose!).

- Pick from the range of Brunch Experience gift sets below.All Brunch
- Experiences include breakfast for two
- With the Brunch Experience, you can choose between 23 fabulous breakfast packages.


About the Brunch Experience

Whether your foodie prefers crepes, croissants, or eggs with bacon, they will find their perfect brunch experience. It includes access to a Brunch Experience that is valid in 23 establishments across Quebec. From Les Brunchs de Mathieu in Montréal to Chez Nelson café-bistro in the Montérégie, there are plenty of choices. In total, 23 locations in 7 regions of Quebec are participating in this gift package!


At the end of a long week, nothing beats a satisfying late breakfast at one of the best brunch spots in Montréal, the Eastern Townships or another region near you. You’ll find all your favourite foods—French-style with pastries, vegan, hearty American, etc.—a package that is sure to please your loved one.


Here are a few examples of brunch experiences you can choose from:

- The meat lover’s or vegetarian’s brunch, with a mimosa- or beer-tasting session at - Saint-Houblon St-Bruno, in the Montérégie
- A delicious breakfast plate and drink ;
- A brunch experience and a beer ;
- Plates of delicious crepes ;
- Coffee and a comforting Dutch meal ;
- And plenty of other options!



Do you have a friend who loves to indulge, and who is always looking for fresh breakfast ideas? Give the gift of the Brunch Experience to someone who enjoys eating in good company.

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