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Domaine de Lavoie


Domaine de Lavoie

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Situated in the foothills of Mont Rougemont, Domaine De Lavoie benefits from an exceptional Microclimate for growing grapes and apples. Each season reveals a magnificent landscape and an outstanding harvest. After many years of cultivating apples, the Lavoie family decided to venture into winemaking. Today, 22 500 wines stock grow on 5 hectares of land. The founders are working closely with a French “maitre de chai” (cellar master) and have devoted enormous amount of time and effort to build a renowned vineyard. Today, the Lavoie family produces award-winning quality wines and ciders imbued with the flavors of the region. Domaine De Lavoie invites you to discover their authentic products, 100% Quebec grown and made, all of which exemplify tradition, freshness and nature. Truly worth a visit!

2 X

For two people 


• Guided tour of the vineyard
• Tasting of six products from our vineyard
• One glass of wine per person on the terrace
• Gift basket containing a selection of vineyard products ($65 value)

* Reservation required

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