1. Purchases

1.1 Coffrets Prestige negotiates contracts with independent partners. Each partner publicizes their services and/or products in our booklets and on our website. Every purchase made through our website coffretsprestige.com holds our customers accountable for having accepted our terms and conditions.

1.2 The Prestige gift card is valid for only one of the destinations in the giftbox and can only be used once.

1.3 Taxes are always included. Depending on destination, tip is not included.

1.4 Destinations may vary during the year. It is strongly recommended to keep verifying the actual selection of destinations on the Prestige Giftbox website: www.coffretsprestige.com. We reserve the right to make any changes without notice. Our partners may update or change their activities within our packages without notice.

1.5 Prices are in Canadian dollars, taxes not included. The full amount must be paid in total before being shipped. Transportation to and from the chosen package is not included.

1.6 Acceptable payment methods are as follows: Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. Gift boxes will not be shipped until payment has been received. Prestige Giftbox reserves the right to hold any orders in case of payment not received or refused authorization.

1.7 The activity giftbox is by nature a product of limited quantity. Prestige Giftbox will honour all orders it can fulfill based on its stock or product capacity. Each order is processed in the order it was received.

1.8. In case of an unavailable product, the customer will have the possibility to cancel their order. In this case, Prestige Giftbox will not be responsable for damages or interest for the customer.

1.9 The customer, or the receiver, has the possibility to exchange their giftbox. Once they have contacted us, the customer or receiver will be asked to return the giftbox by mail. If the value of the desired giftbox is higher than the original giftbox, they will have to pay the difference. If the value of the desired giftbox is lower than the original giftbox, they will receive a credit which may be applied on a future purchase on coffretsprestige.com only.


2. Reservation

2.1 To make sure you enjoy the activity of your choice, it is necessary to make a reservation directly with the destination.

2.2 It is strongly recommended to make a reservation as soon as possible because partner destinations may have limited room and availabilities.

2.3 For reservation, your Prestige gift card number will be required.

2.4 The destinations’ own reservation and cancellation policies apply. In some cases, a security deposit is required.


3. The day of your activity

3.1 Before you can fully enjoy your activity, the original Prestige gift card must be submitted to the partner destination.

3.2 Copies of gift cards won’t be accepted.

3.3 Transportation to and from destinations is not included.


4. Validation period

4.1 Your Prestige gift card has no expiration date and can be used at all time. It is recommended to visit the website often as different packages are updated and added constantly.


5. Loss or theft

5.1 Prestige gift card is non refundable or exchangeable for money. Stolen, damaged or lost gift cards will not be replaced unless its security code was properly registered on our website www.coffretsprestige.com and a confirmation has been sent to you by email.


6. Other

6.1 Prestige Gift Box cannot be held responsible for the service provided by our partner destinations.