• Strøm Spa Île-des-Soeurs
  • Strøm Spa Île-des-Soeurs
  • Strøm Spa Île-des-Soeurs
  • Strøm Spa Île-des-Soeurs
  • Strøm Spa Île-des-Soeurs
  • Strøm Spa Île-des-Soeurs

Spa and RelaxationStrøm Nordic Spa Nuns’ Island

Strøm Spa Île-des-Soeurs


Strøm Nordic Spa Nuns’ Island

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The Strøm Nordic Spa in Nuns’ Island is a peaceful haven hidden away just a few minutes from downtown Montreal offering facilities that are in harmony with the vastness of nature. In addition to being Strøm’s first location, it is also a place that perfectly combines nature and urbanism. It is hard to believe that we are so close to downtown.

The thermal experience is a relaxation ritual which alternates between cold and hot temperatures. In addition to causing an immediate sensation of well-being and relaxation, heat therapy can eliminate toxins, relax muscles, improve sleep quality, boost the immune system, and increase body oxygenation. By purifying the body and spirit, it enables enthusiasts to find their natural balance. Outdoor whirlpools, thermal and Nordic baths, Finnish saunas, eucalyptus steam bath, thermal and Nordic waterfalls, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas with fireplaces.

1 X 


For one person

• An entry to the thermal experience
• A clear water bottle

*To book your experience, go to www.stromspa.com Select the spa of your choice, click on booking, thermal experience, choose the option with a gift card. A deposit of $10 per person (payable by credit card) will be required. This deposit can be used on site as a credit or refunded to you after your visit.
*Reservations for the restaurant will be made at the front desk upon arrival.
*The offer is subject to change throughout the year. We strongly suggest to check our website, giftjoy.ca or coffretsprestige.com, for the latest offer available

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