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RevelationExpédition Rêve Blanc

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Expédition Rêve Blanc

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Expédition Rêve blanc is proud to welcome you, to guide you in the enchanting trails of a huge playground where happen all our dog sleigh rides, the Réserve faunique Papineau-Labelle. We are proud to introduce our dogs and to share the passion for sleigh dogs. Whether you want to experience this wonderful adventure for a half-day, a full day or a raid immersion of 2 to 5 days, our pack of 140 dogs are waiting for caresses, cheerings and dog sleigh rides.

1 X

For one person


• A dog sleigh ride of 15km (2h30)
• A tea or hot chocolate of your choice


• A $89 credit on a bundle from Rêve Blanc

* Two people per sleigh minimum

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