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Autodéfense Québec


Autodéfense Québec

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A mix between a useful skill and a fun workout, self-defense is an essential asset that is easily acquired and could save your life. Don’t let your safety rest in the hands of fate. Learn how to take control of a potentially dangerous situation and drive the fear out of your reaction. Autodéfense Quebec is a self-defense school that offers weekly classes at many locations across the province. For more information, visit the section “Seminars” on the website: www.autodefensequebec.com. Focused on the promotion of personal safety in a friendly and respectful atmosphere, these workouts are adapted to all levels. Adopt a confident attitude and the skills to match.


For two people


• Self-defence courses
• Basic self-defence techniques

* Courses given in Quebec City
* Only $40 per each additional person. Offered to Prestige Giftbox and Goforfaits clients only.

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