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This package is available in the box Revelation.

Emprise is a super-fun, adrenaline-inducing, team-based puzzle solving activity. It is up to you and your teammates to solve the mystery of the room and get away! The idea is simple: you are physically trapped in a room fashioned in a certain way and you need to solve the mystery in order to escape before the time is up. 

The idea may seem simple, but doing it is a real challenge. More and more clues are found which leads to more and more questions, the pressure is real, and dead-ends happen to all.
Be aware that only a small pourcentage of visitors actually escape. Every scenario and story is different.
Finding the clues is only one part of the game, you must work as a team to vanquish the obstacles that are in the way of your freedom! This experience will enable you to use the strengths of everyone and combine forces all the while having a super-fun time!

4 X


• One 60-minute scenario of your choice

*Reservation required

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