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The Centre Aéro-récréatif ULM Quebec is an environmentally friendly resort, offering a relaxing atmosphere as well as a vast choice of activities.  At ULM, you are in for a freeing experience. With its 102 acres built for your leisure, you will find our crêperie, pedestrian trails, a camping site, a theater for shows and receptions, a pic-nic area and many other activities. ULM Quebec is a family business that have been specialized in aviation for 3 generations.  
Our mission is to share our passion.  ULM Quebec, accredited by Transports Canada is recognized as a leader in its field for amateur flying. With many partners across the province of Quebec, ULM Quebec offers pilot trainings in a center close to you.  We provide many services in the field of amateur flying from first time in flight, coaching in flight plans to aircraft rentals and sales. In order to offer the best to our customers, we use Ultra Légers Motorisés (ULM) aircrafts such as 230kg weighted machines, equipped with a delta shaped wing and a nacelle propelled by an engine. These aircrafts are completely safe and approved by Transports Canada. 
Our machines are versatile and convenient for both a relaxing and smooth flights as well as an adrenaline driven experience.  The choice is yours. Embarking on your first flight is about discovering a third dimension, freedom! 

1 X

For one person


• One 10-minute flight 
• Full flight equipment (headgear, suit, etc.) 
• Official ULM Quebec School certificate for your first flight  
• One crêpe (meal) 
• One dessert crêpe (Choice of maple, Nutella or plain)
• Choice of beverage 
• Coffee


2 X 

For two people


• Two 8-minute flights
• Full flight equipment (headgear, suit, etc.)
• Official ULM Quebec School certificate for your first flight 

* For participants under the age of 18, the signature of a parent is required.

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