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AeroSim Expérience

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A universe and a technology that was exclusively reserved for aviation professionals is now available to all. You can choose among a vast repertoire of destinations and meteorologic conditions for the flight experience that you want . Whether you prefer an above the clouds sunset, glide above frigid and rocky waters, or live a breathtaking view of the himalayenne stormy mountains: you decide, you are the pilot. You are guided by a professional pilot sitting by your side for the entire duration of the flight who will show you all the ins and outs from take off to landing. Choose your destination, fasten your seatbelt, and let the roar of your twin engines guide you. Your copilot will be there to answer your questions and advise you but most of all to enjoy the view. Empty your mind at 30,000 feet of altitude. Choose between 24,000 destinations and take off towards the world's most beautiful airports.

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For one person


• 20 minute briefing
• 50 minute flight simulator experience in a 737 Boeing
• Photo and video included

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