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Distillerie du St. Laurent


Distillerie du St. Laurent

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St. Laurent Gin is a craft spirit distilled in small batches in Rimouski, Québec, using only natural ingredients and no artificial colours. At the beginning of this growing trend, La Distillerie du St-Laurent is one of the first of its kind. Made in our 380-litre still, St. Laurent Gin is vapour-infused with exotic botanicals using an uncommon double gin-basket setup, then slowly macerated with a locally hand-harvested seaweed, Laminaria Longicruris. Our gin has won the title of " Canadian Gin Distillery of the year" in  2016 at the New York International Spirit Festival. 

2 X

For two people 


• Guided tour of the installations and the whisky cellar
• Tasting of our spirits
• Two Glencairn signed tasting glasses and two signed shooter glasses
• Choice of two items: t-shirts and/or flasks

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