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Pleasure for twoCidrerie du Minot

Cidrerie du Minot


Cidrerie du Minot

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Cidrerie Du Minot is a cider house located in Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada. In 1988, the Demoy family obtained the very first artisanal cider production permit, opening the door to Quebec cider production. Their first harvest saw the creation of the Crémant de Pomme Du Minot, the first naturally sparkling cider. It was followed by over a dozen more ciders, all produced the Robert Demoy way, with knowledge and passion. A great team supports the Demoys and the efforts of this company that, after more than 30 years of cider production, remains a beacon in the world of artisanal beverage production in Quebec. A visit is an opportunity to discover the delicate flavours and the wide variety of these ciders, and to explore the Cidrerie itself. You can enjoy an idyllic stroll in nature and even take in a bit of history thanks to the Musée du grand-père, where the old press that came from France proudly stands. You’ll leave with plenty of new knowledge about the art of making cider. Feel free to enjoy a picnic at the tables in our picnic area, located in the shade of the apple trees.

2 X


For two people

  •       A selection of cider tastings per person
  •       One free visit per person to the cider house and the Musée du grand-père
  •       One Récolte hivernale (375 ml) to share
  •       One Fleur de pommier (750 ml) to share
  •       One Brut (750 ml) to share
  •       One Crémant de Pomme to share
  •       One sparkling Bolée (4 x 250 ml) to share
  •       Two Moût de pomme (750 ml) to share
  •       One $40 gift certificates

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