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Ex-ballerina, Isabelle, started her career at ’École supérieure de danse du Québec des Grands Ballets Canadiens. After far too many injuries, she re-oriented herself towards the practice of yoga which played an important role in getting over her chronic pain. This new path brought her back to back to her first love : the body, its structure, its anatomy, the way it works all the while finding balance with the mind to bring the best out of both.

Isabelle offers an array of complete classes for beginners to advanced yogis. Her online curriculum is made up of yoga, barre, pilates, meditation and QI Gong practices. The classes are given via zoom and are also available as rebroadcast if anyone was not able to make it for the live class. In-person private classes or for a small group of students are also possible however this requires a reservation.

Her love for this ancient practice continues to grow and her biggest wish is to share this gift with as many people as she can.

2 X 

For two people


• One 1h30 private virtual class for 2 people

*reservation required
*Class description : This class is all about meeting your needs. By speaking with Isabelle before the class, you will discuss the different aspects that you'd like to work on during the class.
Example : you have back pain, you have a certain condition, you'd like to be more muscular, you have a hard time sleeping etc. She will then put together a private class tailored to what you need. If you have nothing specific to work on, let yourself be guided through a memorable class full of endurance, mobility and relaxation.

*Book by email at obyoga2020@gmail.com

*Package available only to new OB Yoga customers

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