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Pleasure for twoPassionAir Canada

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PassionAir Canada

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PassionAir Canada is a pendulum microlight flying school, partnered with ULM Québec, recreational resort. We are located in Lanaudière, in the Saint-Cuthbert county, not far from Montréal and Québec City. PassionAir Canada is accredited by Transports Canada and is recognized as a leader in its field for amateur flying. We pride ourselves in offering flights to first-timers to complete pilot training. We also sell aerocrafts and accessories. For anyone who's always dreamed of flying away or soaring like a bird, the Centre Aéro-récréatif ULM Quebec is an environmentally friendly resort, offering a relaxing atmosphere as well as a vast choice of activities.  With its 102 acres built for your leisure, you will find a crêperie, pedestrian trails, a camping site, a theater for shows and receptions, a pic-nic area and many other activities. ULM Quebec is a family business that have been specialized in aviation for 3 generations and whose mission is to share its passion.

2 X

For two people


• A security training on a pendulum microlight flight per person
• A supervised flight with a Transports Canada qualified and certified instructor per person
• A round circuit, meaning 7-8 minutes of a pendulum microlight flight per person

*A breathtaking panoramic view of Lanaudière
*Personalize your flight: Tell your instructor if you wanna feel an adrenaline rush or just relax
*Official certificate by the school of your first pendulum microlight flight

Additional information :

• Season : Flight season is from June to the end of September, Saturdays and Sundays
• Bookings : To guarantee a reservation during the season, please book in advance
• Please note: This flight has no expiration date, is non refundable nor cashable.
• Prerequisites : Valid ID and parental authorization for anyone under the age of 18
• In case of bad weather : In order for the flight to be safe, fun and memorable, we willl only fly if the weather permits it. We will contact you around 6pm, the night before your flight to confirm or to reschedule if necessary. Your package will be valid until you have flown.
• Rescheduling by the client: If you must reschedule due to a personal reason, please let us know at least one day in advance. We will send you a link to reschedule your flight in the same season based on availability. Your package will be valid until you have flown.
• Temperature: Because the air at high altitude is colder than the air on the ground, we ask that you bring warm clothes and a windbreaker. During the summer, a sweater and a long sleeve shirt in enough. If the temparature gets much colder and if you need it, we will provide you with a warm flight suit.

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