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Rou-Air Aviation is a deltaplane flight school which favors both responsibility and the love of flying. Founded in May of 2000 by Bernard Rouer, the school has now an impressive number of pilots that have approved training from Transport Canada and still actively practices the sport with as much passion as they're always had. Whether it is for pleasure, or to finally realize your partner's life long dream of flying, to urge a friend to step outside of their comfort zone or for a creative gift idea, Aviation Rou-Air is here! At Aviation Rou-Air, a welcoming and charming atmosphere is waiting for you. Smiles and kindness is who we are. Our waiting area is comprised of a TV, a bar which offers drinks and light restauration, an outside terrasse, as well as a pic-nic area where you will feel at home. Dare come face to face with the sky live the experience. 

2 X

 For two people 


• One flight aboard a motorized hang glider per person (10 min)
• One digital “selfie” per person (inflight)
• One refreshment of your choice per person (from a selection)
• $20 discount applicable on your next flight

* Children under 18 years old must have written authorization from their parents

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