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GIFTBOXAdventurous retreat

Unusual lodging package in Quebec - Adventurous retreat


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Adventurous retreat


Looking for a great gift for someone you know? If this person likes to sleep in trees or under the stars, this gift box is perfect!


Anyone who receives the Adventurous Retreat gift box can spend one night in one of Quebec’s unusual lodging options, chosen by our team.


Yurts, tree houses, geodesic domes and other quirky choices are available, for an unforgettable experience!


-Choose from the range of Adventurous Retreat packages below.

-All the Adventurous Retreat packages include a one-night stay.

-Packages are valid for two people.

-With the Adventurous Retreat gift box, you can choose from 17 experiences.


Which unconventional accommodation would you offer as a gift?

With this gift box, you don’t even need to ask!


It offers a host of memorable lodging alternatives, available in several regions of Quebec. Yurt, tree house and teepee packages and more. Any choice will be a magical experience to those who receive this gift.


As Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” So if you're looking for a gift for your most daring friends, maybe it's time to send them off on a new adventure!


Types of accommodation available:


-Forest domes (or geodesic domes)

-Hanging tents

-Tree houses




-And more!


Offer an original experience with myriad options in this Adventurous Retreat gift box!

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