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GIFTBOX100% Quebec Video Games

Gamer gift idea - 100% Quebec Video Games


Free shipping * May vary outside of Quebec


100% Quebec Video Games

100% Quebec Games

For your brother who loves video games, your cousin the computer geek, or your aunt who likes to spend hours in front of her screen, we suggest the 100% Quebec Video Games gift box. It’s the perfect gift idea for the gamers in your life.


The person who gets this gift will have $39.99 in credit to purchase one in a selection of games that were all made in Quebec.


-Spend a $39.99 credit on one or more of the games below.

-All the games in the 100% Quebec Video Games gift box are available for $39.99 or less.

-The gift box is valid until the credit has all been spent.

-The 100% Quebec Video Games gift box includes a selection of more than 20 PC games.


The ideal gift for gamers

The world of video games is so incredibly vast. There are games of all genres and sub-genres. Action, simulation, strategy, adventure, virtual reality, and more. An almost infinite number of experiences and adventures are available for video game fans.


And let's face it: the type of game that appeals to one player won’t necessarily interest the next. So, a first-person shooter game might not appeal to your golf-loving uncle and that gory horror game really won’t be the right kind of “surprise” for your seven-year-old sister. To avoid disappointment, this gift box gives the recipient the choice of more than 20 video games in different genres and worlds.


This means the gift recipient will get to choose the video game adventure they really want.


Some of the games we offer:

-The Black Watchmen (by Alice & Smith)

-Castle Story (by Sauropod Studio Inc.)

-Outlast 2 (by Red Barrels)

-Moon Hunters (by Kitfox Games Inc.)

-Save Your Nuts (by Triple Scale Games)

-Over 20 games to choose from!


If you are looking for a gift idea for a gamer, your search is over! Try our 100% Quebec Video Games gift box!

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