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GIFTBOXTime for Two

Couple's gift idea - Time for two


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Time for Two


Is there a couple in your life who can’t seem to get any time together (because of children, work, just too much going on)?


Then we have a great couples’ gift ideafor you! With the Time for Two gift box, two lovebirds will have the chance to get away for an unforgettable experience together.


-Choose from the range of Time for Two gift experiences below.

-All the Time for Two packages include one activity or experience.

-Packages are valid for two people.

-With the Time for Two gift box, you can choose from 80 options.


Over 80 packages for two

This gift box doesn’t just get you one couples’ gift; you get 80 different ideas at your fingertips! And good news! You won’t be responsible for making the tough call of choosing the activity!


With this gift box, two people you care about will get to choose the activity they enjoy the most. Brunch out, a beer tasting at a microbrewery, a museum visit, a sports outing, a virtual reality experience… The list of packages is long. Very long.


We’re positive the couple receiving this gift will be able to find an unforgettable activity. The hardest part, really, is choosing among all the possibilities!


Examples of Time for Two experiences:

-Immersive virtual reality session

-Cozy meal at a restaurant

-Day at an art museum


-Beer tasting

-And much more!

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