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GIFTBOXLeisure for Two

Couple and friends gift package - Leisure for Two


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Leisure for Two


Want to surprise your partner or a couple you know with an original gift? You've come to the right place!


The Leisure for Two gift box provides a fun selection of packages for couples or friends. They’ll get the chance to enjoy a special moment spent doing an activity of their choosing.


-Choose from the range of Leisure for Two packages below.

-All the Leisure for Two packages include one activity or experience.

-Packages are valid for two people.

-With the Leisure for Two gift box, you can choose from 35 packages.


Why give an experience as a gift?

Because instead of giving a material object, you are giving two people the opportunity to create a lasting memory!


The advantage of our gift boxes is that they provide access to a wide range of experience packages. With the Leisure for Two gift box, you can choose between no fewer than 35 different experiences. The hedonists in your life will be able to eat good food, the thrill-seekers can launch themselves into the void on a zipline, the aesthetes can check out a museum, the adventurers will enjoy wilderness camping, and on and on!


Some Leisure for Two ideas:


-Beer tasting

-Indoor climbing session

-Lunch or breakfast for two

-And plenty of other options!


Whether it's a gift for friends or a couple, they will get to choose the activity that best suits their personality type or whatever they’re in the mood for.


This time, you won’t have to make the tough choice.


It’ll be up to them to choose the best experience for themselves!

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