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GIFTBOXQuebec Alcohols

Alcohol gift box - Quebec's alcohols


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Quebec Alcohols


Is your sister, brother, aunt or boyfriend all about microbrews or their latest favourite wine?


Our Quebec Alcohols gift box has exactly what you need!


You get more than 35 gift options, available at microbreweries or vineyards. Offer the pleasure of tasting Quebec wine, Quebec cider or delicious craft beers (also made in Quebec)!


-Choose from the range of Quebec Alcohols experiences below.

-All the Quebec Alcohols experiences include a tasting session.

-Packages are valid for two people.

-With the Quebec Alcohols gift box, you can choose from 35 options.


Enjoy a tasting experience at a vineyard or microbrewery

Just like foods, alcoholic beverages offer up a world of different flavours and sensations. For those who love discovering drinks, this gift set is an opportunity to explore a wide range of tastes created with Quebec flair.


Give someone this gift and they will be able to choose among 35 locations to experiment with new flavours. Select cider houses, vineyards, microbreweries and bars across Quebec are ready to welcome anyone who has one of these gift packages.


From Montréal to the Mauricie and on to Gaspésie, most of Quebec’s regions have something to offer. So if the person receiving this gift isn’t the “big city” type, that’s perfectly okay. They’ll surely find an experience in a region that will meet their expectations!


Examples of possible experiences:

-A delicious meal and a beer

-A beer tasting and charcuterie board

-A beer tasting and bottles to go

-Tours of vineyards and cider houses

-A total of 35 boozy gift options to choose from!

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