Our Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? This year, why not forget the traditional bunch of flowers and go for something more original?


Here are our gift ideas for Mother’s Day!


Three giftbox suggestions for Mother’s Day

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    Spa and Relaxation

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    Fun for All


Which gift idea will you choose for your mom?

Because every mom is unique, we’ve chosen three very different giftboxes for our suggestions. Each giftbox includes a wide range of packages, either just for your mom or for two or more people.


Before you decide on your gift idea, you’d like to know a little more about the different options? No problem! Read on to find out more about what each giftbox has to offer.


Gastronomy giftbox

If your mom’s idea of heaven is enjoying the good things in life, surrounded by the people she loves, then the Gastronomy giftbox is the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea!


With this giftbox, you get to choose from dozens of food and drink packages across Quebec, like pub grub, top-tier restaurants or tapas tasting. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect experience that’ll please your mom—and her tastebuds!


The Spa and Relaxation giftbox

If your mom loves to be pampered or never gets enough me-time, then this giftbox is just right!


The Spa and Relaxation giftbox includes more than 50 options for relaxing experiences and body treatments. Perfect for relaxing!


Spa packages, massages, skin cleansing, manicures and pedicures, haircuts... there are so many options, the hardest part will be picking just one.


The Fun for All giftbox

If your mom is a social person who loves group activities, allow us to suggest the Fun for All giftbox. This giftbox includes memorable experiences for two to four people.


It offers a choice of several dozen group packages. With a selection as broad as rafting, escape games, adventurous retreats, wine or beer tastings, she’s free to choose the activity that suits her and to enjoy it with the people she loves!


Tailor your gift to the person you’re giving it to

Looking for a gift for Mom?

The one thing mothers have in common is their love for their kids. So why not gift a memorable mother-and-daughter or mother-and-son experience?


Here are some of the options available in our giftboxes:


  •         A culinary experience for two at one of the many restaurants in the Gastronomy giftbox.
  •         A spa session for two with the Spa and Relaxation giftbox.
  •         An adventure in the wilderness with a night in a geodesic dome (Fun for All giftbox).


Do you want to make Grandma feel pampered?

Grandmothers come in all shapes and sizes: from the sweet, homey nannies who love cooking to the beer-drinking grans who love a good time—yep, there really are lots!


Whether you want to pamper your grandma or give her an exciting, unique experience, these three giftboxes give you plenty of choice. Here are a few ideas:


  •          Gastronomy giftbox: take her for a delicious three-course meal for two or for a beer‑tasting session at a bar.
  •         Spa and Relaxation giftbox: treat her to her next haircut or skin treatment.
  •         Fun for All giftbox: An overnight getaway for four at a comfortable inn. Let the adventure begin!


Perhaps you want the ideal gift for your mother-in-law.

It isn’t always easy to find the right gift for a mother-in-law—especially if you don’t know her very well yet (although knowing her too well might have the same effect)! Again, the beauty of a giftbox is that it allows the recipient to choose the package they want. It’s a sure way to please your mother-in-law, as she can choose the activity that’s right for her. This eliminates the risk factor, and it should earn you a few points in the ideal son- or daughter-in-law category!


Here are some examples of activities included in these giftboxes. She can enjoy these either solo or with a partner, a family member or you.



Looking for more ideas?

Perhaps this selection of giftboxes isn’t quite the right fit for your mom, grandma or mother-in-law. The good news is that we offer dozens more giftboxes!


So, no need to limit yourself to the three suggested here. Take a few minutes to browse our other options, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect option to make her smile.




The advantages of Coffrets Prestige

  •         Giving a Coffrets Prestige giftbox is like giving several gifts in one. You choose the main theme of the giftbox, but it contains a multitude of different experiences. You don’t have to make the tough call of choosing the activity. The risk of getting it wrong is therefore much, much lower!
  •         Giving one of our giftboxes is giving an experience. No more useless items bought at the last minute that end up in the bottom of a drawer. The person who receives the gift will be able to experience something unique, something different; either alone or with the people they love. What could be better than living your gift, rather than owning it?
  •         Each giftbox contains a diverse range of different packages. Although the packages in a single box follow a theme, the activities offered are varied. This means that each giftbox will have something to appeal to all personalities.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Now we just need to wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!


We hope that these suggestions have inspired you in your choice of the ideal gift for Mother’s Day. But let’s not forget, a simple “I love you” is the best start to any gift.