Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to thank your mother for everything she does for you.Finding a gift idea for women can seem difficult, but you’ll make her happy by opting for a gift package that suits her personality.

Is your mother an Epicurean who loves a good meal in a restaurant? Offer hera meal from our choice of more than 22 venues. If she’d prefer having some time to relax, choose a spa package that will provide all the TLC she deserves. If your mother is more of an adrenaline junkie, offer her a unique experience, such as a parachute jump, a hang-glider ride or a spin in a sports car,that will get her blood flowing. Whether she prefers adventure or relaxation, you’ll find the ideal giftbox to spoil her!

Looking for gift ideas for mom? Choose an unique gift package from our selection!


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    Adventurous retreat


Like many mothers, yours is likely always busy caring for the well-being of everyone in the family.She’s so busy, she rarely has the chance to spoil herself a little and relax. Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to do it. So, don’t wait. Offer her the opportunity to relax and take care of herself for a change.

No matter where you live in Quebec, you’ll find the ideal spot to take her to relax. A stay in a renowned hotel or a welcoming bed and breakfast will quickly make her forget all the household chores that await at home. A visit to a vineyard or a cider house is the perfect choice if she’s a fan of local Quebec products and is curious about the secrets of wine- and cider-making.

Next Mother's Day, choose a gift that will really please your mother. Really spoil her with a package adapted to her tastes. If you’d like to join her, opt of a package for two.