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Looking to reconnect with nature all the while staying in a modern cabin, with a panoramic view, in the heart of the forest?
LAÖ CABINES is a luxurious eco lodging site, essentially a hotel room surrounded by trees and wildlife. A long trail hike, a moment of relaxation in our zone Ö or snuggling up with a good book by a fire, all of that is waiting right here for you. Enjoy by yourself, or with your special someone, your family, or even your group of friends! Come experience nature like you've never have before !

4 X

For two adults and two child


• One overnight stay on our camping site without electrity with your tent
• One mini basket "Locavore"


• One overnight stay on our mini RV camping site

* Bring your tent or RV. No tent or RV is provided on site.
* Camping site is in the forest near a lake
* Access to all on site activities : paddle board, Spa La zone Ö, 4 km of pedestrian trails
* Free for kids

Regional lodging tax is not included

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