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Le Forgeron d'Or

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Since 2004, the jewelry store Le Forgeron D'or is proud to have joined the prestigious international network company Économusée. Come visit and witness the skilled craftsmanship of our jewelry artisans, step into their worlds, discover their stories, and follow the evolution of the jeweler's craft through time. Explore the artifacts loaned by various museums and see a replica of the largest Canadian gold nugget. Whether you come in a group, on your own, or simply for the pleasure of your eyes, you will experience a gem of a visit!

2 X 

For two people


Total immersion in an art jewelry store
• Come and experience a 20 to 30-minute VIP guided tour at our Sainte-Marie location. You will learn about the history of Le Forgeron D'or and have the opportunity to see the artisans at work!
• $25 Gift Card to be spent at either of our two locations.

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