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Located in the beautiful Quebec City, the brewery Korrigane takes its name from an ancient exploration ship that sailed on the Pacific Ocean for 2 years and brought back testimony on Oceania culture. The beers offered by Korrigane are brewed traditionally and meet high quality standards. They are unfiltered, unpasteurized and contain no chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors. Moreover, La Korrigane operates according to sustainable development principles by favoring local and regional food companies and particularly small-scale producers. Choose from over a dozen beers, including La Kraken, a hoppy beer in bitterness in taste and scent that agrees with cheeses, smoked fish and duck. The mission of  Korrigane is a tasting, of course, but also and above all education and openness.

Photo credit : Michel Daunais

2 X

For two people


• Four tasting glasses of beers to share
• One appetizer per person

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*Gratuity not included

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