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Leisure for TwoVignoble Gagliano

Vignoble Gagliano


Vignoble Gagliano

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Located in the heart of “La Route des Vins” (the wine route), this vineyard awaits you in the bucolic hills of the Dunham Valley. With the same passion and expertise of their Sicilian ancestors, the Gagliano family produces wine of exceptional character. As they say, with pride,“Respect for old traditions is matched only with the creation of new customs.” A charming boutique inspired by a quaint landscape and an enchanting environment attracts thousands of visitors each year. The Gagliano Vineyard is the ideal setting for a warm family atmosphere. It’s like Little Italy in Dunham! So, are you willing to embark on this beautiful journey?

2 X

For two people 


• Tasting of six products per person
• $ 20 gift certificate to share (applicable on your wine purchases)

*Gratuity not included
*Valid from May 8th to October 20th (dates are subject to change)

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