• District 1 Saint-Bruno
  • District 1 Saint-Bruno
  • District 1 Saint-Bruno
  • District 1 Saint-Bruno

Leisure for TwoDistrict 1 Saint-Bruno

District 1 Saint-Bruno


District 1 Saint-Bruno

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This package is available in the box Leisure for Two.

What do you get if you combine pleasure, technology and physical activity? It's very simple: DISTRICT 1!

Test your strategic mind by trying one of our 30 game modes in one of our two Lasertag arenas covering more than 5000 square feet.

Once out of the arena, immerse yourself in an immersive virtual universe with Virtual Reality stations. Whether it's visiting the Grand Canyon, facing strange creatures, wielding a lightsaber or testing your sense of rhythm, virtual reality is an extraordinary experience to live!

Do you need more? Need to catch your breath? Sit comfortably in the lounge or visit the arcade area. Birthday, office party, reward activity... All the reasons are good to spend an extraordinary day! Alone, in couple, with family, with colleagues or friends, at DISTRICT 1 the pleasure is guaranteed!

2 X

For two people 


• Two games of Lasertag in DUO per person

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