Gift ideas for him

Gift ideas for men that are appropriate for any occasion

Thinking of giving him a tie, a razor or a fishing rod as a gift? Forget all about these tired gift ideas, and find a gift that’s a perfect fit.

Give him the Microbreweries giftbox, so he can discover Quebec’s excellent beers! From Gaspésie to Lac-Saint-Jean to Quebec City, there’s a wide range of choices available! Offer him the chance to discover brewing secrets and taste one of the province’s best beers. He’ll realize that Quebec-brewed beers compare favourably to the world’s great beers. Cheers!

Does he love cars? The Sport Driving giftboxis just the ticket for him! Offer him an experience that matches the height of his passion with a tour of one of the most prestigious race courses! If he loves motocross, vintage cars, snowmobiles or NASCAR, this is the giftbox he needs!

Offer him a unique experience with the Adventurous Retreat giftbox! He’ll be sure to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary event. He can choose one of 19 packages that feature original locations that are off the beaten path. It’s the perfect giftbox for the man who loves adventure and the great outdoors!


We sometimes forget to thank the men in our lives. Choose a cool gift package for his birthday or Father’s Day or just to make him smile. We guarantee he’ll remember it for a long time to come! !

We have a giftbox that he’s sure to love, no matter his tastes or interests. Choose the one that best suits your spouse, father, brother or friend.Whether it’s a solo or two-person adventure, it’s time to offer him an unforgettable experience.

Browse our selection of giftboxes, and offer him the ideal surprise as a gift!