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Fun for AllAerosim Expérience - Québec

Aérosim Expérience - Québec


Aerosim Expérience - Québec

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A universe reserved exclusively for aviation professionals is now accessible to you.
Choose from a wide range of destinations and weather conditions for the flying experience you want. Experience a sunset from above the clouds, graze the rough seas at low altitude, or fly over the breathtaking Himalayas during a storm. You decide. You are at the control!

A professional pilot instructor will be at your side throughout the flight to show you all the ins and outs of flying, from takeoff to landing. Pick a destination, buckle your seatbelt, and let yourself be guided by the starting up of the dual engines. Your copilot will be there to advise you, answer your questions and, of course, enjoy the view. Take a break from life and experience 30000 feet of altitude and take off towards one of the 24000 destinations we have ! 

2 X

For two people


• A briefing (15 to 20 min)
• A flight in a fighter jet with FlyFighters VR per person (60 min)
• Accompanied by a flight instructor

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