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The Kanatha-Aki activity center, native american philosophy meaning "keeper of the land without borders" in Algonquin is located in Val-Des-Lacs in the beautiful Laurentian region. Kanatha-aki offers an authentic experience: our trapper’s typical log cabin. In addition, we offer the unique privilege to meet the largest North American land mammal: the wood bison "athabascae". Kanatha-Aki is the first and only wood bison reserve in Quebec and that, in order to protect the species currently threatened with extinction. To discover the fascinating world of sled nothing like a dogsled ride, children and adults will be cheerful! This walk is perfect for families with young children. Discover the beauty of our landscapes.

4 X

For four people 


• One climbing in a stream
• One zipline ride per person
• One visit of the buffalo per person

* 2 adults (13 years old and over) and 2 children (8-12 years old)

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