Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Take advantage of Father’s Day to spoil the men in your life!Not only is this celebration the perfect occasion to treat your father and your grandfather to something special, it’s also the time to thank the father of your children.

If you’re looking to offer your father something unique in honour of this special day, check out our best gifts for men selection.Offer him a personalized gift tailored to his tastes, and he’ll feel privileged to be part of your life.

With our Discovery and Revelation packages, he’ll discover activities he won’t soon forget. Is he a bold sort? Then, a rafting run, a hang-glider ride or a paintball session will please him. Is he athletic?Then, a game of golf, a self-defence class or an introduction to surfing will get him moving.

Whatever his tastes are, you’ll find the perfect activity for your father fromour selection of gift packages!


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Different Gift Ideas for Different Types of Men

Take advantage of Father's Day to spoil the men in your life! This holiday is the perfect opportunity to give a thoughtful gift to your father, grandfather, or the father of your children. With a personalized gift that matches his tastes, he will feel cherished to be a part of your life.

The Fast-Track Driving giftbox

If your dad is a fan of motor oil and speed, you can gift him the experience of driving a sports car. With the "Fast-track Driving" giftbox, he'll have the opportunity to choose from various packages that allow him to indulge in his passion on a professional race track. Whether it's racing in a vintage car, driving a Mustang GT or Lamborghini on a circuit, or receiving training (both theoretical and practical) to drive a NASCAR car, there are plenty of options to fulfill his automotive dreams!

The Microbreweries giftbox

If dad is a bon vivant who enjoys good food and beer, the "Microbreweries" giftbox is another excellent idea. This package includes meals at restaurants and beer tasting sessions at various microbreweries in Quebec. It's a great way to spend quality time with him while enjoying the good things in life!

The Discovery giftbox

Is your father or grandfather an adventurer at heart? If so, we have the perfect gift ideas for them! Consider treating them to an exhilarating rafting trip, a thrilling hang gliding flight, or a breathtaking hot air balloon ride. If they're more inclined towards sports without necessarily seeking an extreme adrenaline rush, then a session at a fitness studio or a day of canyoning could allow him to expend some physical energy!


Either way, he'll be able to find happiness from one of the experiences from the "Discovery" giftbox.

Multiple Gift Options

Are you looking for a gift for your father, grandfather, or the father of your children? Finding the right gift can be tricky, as what works for your grandfather may not necessarily be suitable for your own father. However, we've got you covered! Our carefully selected giftboxes offer a range of intriguing packages that are suitable for anyone you choose to give them to.

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Is it a gift for your dad?

Then you can give him a giftbox containing packages that reflect his personality or are associated with memories that bind you together.

Here are a few possibilities offered in our giftboxes:

Is it a gift for grandpa?

In that case, high-thrill gifts might not be his cup of tea. Although adrenaline-seeking grandpas do exist too!

Ultimately, no one knows your grandfather better than yourself... But here are a few of the packages available in the different giftboxes to inspire you:

Is it a gift for the father of your children?

  • If he enjoys winter, the Fast-track Driving giftbox will grant him a half-day snowmobiling experience. Alternatively, he can opt for driving a sports car or a motocross.

  • The packages from the Microbreweries giftbox will allow you to spend quality time together.

  • The Discovery giftbox will take him (with you or one of the children) on a helicopter ride.

Are you looking for more ideas?

No problem! We have a gift box for every taste. Check out our selection and find the perfect Father's Day gift idea.


The toughest part will be picking just one gift box from these amazing possibilities.

                                                                                                                               Discover all our gift boxes

Three Great Reasons to Give a Prestige Giftbox :

1. Our Prestige Giftbox offers a collection of diverse gift packages, each tied together by a unique theme. No matter which giftbox you choose, you can rest assured that you won't go wrong—unless, of course, you present the "Video Games" giftbox to your grandpa who has never touched a computer or console in his life! With a wide range of offerings, there's something for everyone.

2. As mentioned earlier, each giftbox contains multiple packages. The pressure to choose the perfect gift is lifted from you. It's up to the recipient to choose what they desire from the multitude of options!

3. Let's face it, we live in a materialistic era, with both positive and negative aspects. So why not give your partner, father, or grandfather a break from all that? By choosing a Prestige Giftbox, you're offering them an experience, a special moment in life. It could be a delicious meal at a restaurant, a relaxing day at a spa, or an exciting adventure like a helicopter ride or driving a racing car. These memories will stay with them forever (and it's a nice change from the usual box of chocolates)!

Happy Father's Day!

Congratulations on finding the perfect gift for Father's Day. The most challenging part is over, and now you can relax and enjoy the occasion. We simply want to extend our warmest wishes for a fantastic time with the significant men in your life!