Father’s Day

Take advantage of Father’s Day to spoil the men in your life!Not only is this celebration the perfect occasion to treat your father and your grandfather to something special, it’s also the time to thank the father of your children.

If you’re looking to offer your father something unique in honour of this special day, check out our best gifts for men selection.Offer him a personalized gift tailored to his tastes, and he’ll feel privileged to be part of your life.

With our Discovery and Revelationpackages, he’ll discover activities he won’t soon forget. Is he a bold sort? Then, a rafting run, a hang-glider ride or a paintball session will please him. Is he athletic?Then, a game of golf, a self-defence class or an introduction to surfing will get him moving.

Whatever his tastes are, you’ll find the perfect activity for your father fromour selection of gift packages!


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He works hard to ensure your family has everything it needs. Now it’s his turn to get spoiled. Offer him the gift of a well-deserved break from his routine; helphim discover one of Quebec magnificent regions.

Whether he likes to chill out or is a bit of a gourmet, choose a package that suits his tastes. The Epicurean offers an outing in one of the province’s best restaurants, which is sure to please him. Does he enjoy wine and beer? Choose the Microbreweriespackage. That way, your father can get a taste of some of the province’s best beers while also learning more about local Quebec brewers. Would he enjoy a spa package? Choose the Zen or Relaxation package so he can benefit from some chill-out time.

Next Father’s Day, forget about handyman tools or the traditional tie as gift ideas. Instead, choose a giftbox that suits his tastes to thank him for everything he’s done for you.