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Fast-track drivingMotocross Deschambault

Motocross Deschambault


Motocross Deschambault

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Motocross Deschambault is located in the beautiful Portneuf region on the Chemin du Roy near the St Lawrence River. The ideal place to go on a motocross track fitted with care throughout the years. Open since 1976, it has steadily improved over the years and enlarged to organize genuine provincial and national championships. Several events are held each year bringing together the best national Motocross competitors not to mention record crowds who come to the site to support the runners and attend competitions. The Deschambault track won more than 7 times the first prize for the best motocross track in Quebec. River landscape marked by the manorial system and agriculture, the territory of Deschambault-Grondines conceals treasures of traditional buildings of stone and wood, many of which are classified historical.

1 X

For one person


• Rental of a 125cc-230cc Motocross for 2 hours
• Equipment included
* You must pay rental fees and entrance to the track on arrival
* The customer is responsible for damages caused during a fall or mishap
* Reservation 2 days in advance
* Parental authorization for people 18 years old and under
* For those who have never ridden a motorcycle, an extra $25 is required for a 30-minute teacher

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