1. Where can I buy a Prestige Giftbox ?

You have two choices. You can either order online through our secure payment system or you can go to one of our 300 points of sale including Archambault, Uniprix, Brunet Plus, Jean-Coutu, IGA, Metro, Quebec Loisirs, and many other libraries and independent boutiques. You can locate the store which is most convenient for you by clicking on our Store Locator (Link).

2. How long will it take for my Prestige Giftbox to arrive at destination?

Orders are shipped at 15:00 (Eastern Time) Monday to Friday. All orders received before 1:30 pm will be processed the same day. Those made later will be shipped the next day or Monday for weekend orders. Normally, delivery is made by Canada Post within 24 to 48 hours of shipment and shipping outside Quebec within 15 business days.

3. Once I have received my Giftbox, what do I do?

1 - It is recommended to register the Prestige gift card on our web site in case you lose it or it is stolen before you decide to use it. (Link to register)

2 - Choose a destination among the selection of packages offered with your Giftbox via coffretsprestige.com

3 – Call the destination directly to book your appointment. Make sure to have your gift card on hand. They will ask you for the 21 numbers on the back on the card to finalize your reservation.

4 – Be sure to present your gift card upon arrival the day of your activity.

4. Why do I need to register my gift card?

A lost or stolen gift card cannot be replaced, it will be lost unless it has been previously registered.

Registering your gift card on coffretsprestige.com, under the heading "I have a giftcard", allows you to activate the loss and theft guarantee on your gift card.

To register your gift card :

- Go to coffretsprestige.com, "I have a giftcard" section.
- Select your box and enter the 21 digits visible on the back of your gift card (at the bottom - The number starts with 603628).
- Click on "Next Step".

5. How do I make a reservation?

You must call the destination directly to secure your reservation. Please be sure to have your gift card on hand. They will ask you for the 21 numbers on the back of the card to complete your reservation. All the information concerning the destinations is outlined in the booklet found in your Prestige Giftbox or on our web site.

6. How to make changes or cancel your reservation?

Each destination’s cancellation policies apply when you want to make a change to your reservation. Some destinations may claim payment of the activity if you do not notify them in time for a change or if you do not show up for your appointment.

7. For how long are the gift cards valid?

A Prestige Giftbox does not have an expiration date. Your gift card will always be honored. However, changes may be made by our partners throughout the year therefore it is important to keep checking our web site (Link) for all of the latest updates.

8. What to do in case of loss or theft of my gift card?

If you've registered your gift card on our web site, contact us. We will be able to identify you, cancel your old gift card and send you a new one.

9. How do I exchange my giftbox?

You have received a giftbox but the theme does not suit you? Don't worry about it! All the Prestige Giftboxes are exchangeable at any time and free of charge. It is possible to exchange your giftbox for one of equal or greater value. If you choose a giftbox of lower value, you will receive a discount voucher for a future online purchase via our website. In order to proceed with the exchange, please complete the form in our "Contact Us" page and select the subject "Giftbox exchange".
(Processing time and free shipping via Xpresspost to be expected - 4 to 5 business days)

10. I can't find my box set on the site?

The Amerispa, Just for Laughs, Arts and Entertainment and Relaxation Prestige Giftboxes are no longer available. You can exchange them by following the steps in point "9. How do I exchange my giftbox?"