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Experience unforgettable moments aboard one of our majestic hot air balloons and float with the wind.
Your adventure, which will about 3 hours, will start from the second you arrive. You will be able to, should you wish, act as one of our crew members and help us blow the balloon. Of course, if that is not your thing, you can take pictures and videos of the ballon being filled.

As soon as we take off the ground, you will be consumed by this incredible feeling of floating in the air. We may even get so high that you will have a breathtaking view of the Richelieu Valley, Montreal's skyscrapers, and if we get very low, you will be able to touch the top of the trees.

We take off on the south shore Montreal, in the heart of St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, everyday at dawn, or 3 hours before sundown, in the summer or during winter !! Obviously, depending on how Mother Nature feels that day.

1 X

For one person


• Transportation between the meeting point and the take-off site (determined on the day of the flight according to winds)
• You can participate in inflating the balloon
• Approximately one hour of flight
• Landing ceremony with sparkinlg wine (local product)
• Transportation between landing site and meeting point
• Receive a flight certificate
• Receive a balloon souvenir pin
• As a bonus, receive two souvenir champagne glasses
• Option to add a second person for an extra fee of $175

* Reservation required

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