Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to concentrate on your relationship. In the whirlwind of everyday life, itcan be easy to forget about taking care of your better half. To create a very special day for him or her, set your responsibilities aside for once!

By choosing a Romantic Escape, you’re choosing to spend quality time with the person you love. When was the last time to took some time off to enjoy yourself and relax with your sweetheart? Why notgo on a weekendgetaway? Several packages offer a night’s stay at an inn, a hotel or a welcoming bed and breakfast, worlds away from your routine.

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift package that includes a romantic dinner for two in one of the province’s best restaurants. Discover gourmet restaurants with Gastronomy Passionpackages. If you’re a fan of wine or good beer, Vineyards and Cider Houses and Microbreweries packages will help you discover the secrets of wine- and beer-making.


Whether it’s for a single evening or a longer period, it’s always good to spend some quality time with the person you love.

Choose a package that truly represents who you are as a couple from the great selection of gift packages for two. Are you a couple that likes to stay active? Venture off the beaten path by choosing the Pleasure for Two package. You can then choose an activity as part of the package such asa rafting run, down climbing or a paintball session.

If you feel like enjoying some relaxing time together as a couple, opt for a spa visit. It will be a perfect time to relax and recharge with the one you love. You can get a massage, treat yourself to a true spa experience, take a sauna and much more.

Next Valentine’s Day, choose to spend some wonderful moments with your sweetheart!