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  • Restaurant Le Raphaël
  • Restaurant Le Raphaël
  • Restaurant Le Raphaël

Cocktails and AppetizersRestaurant Le Raphaël

Restaurant Le Raphaël


Restaurant Le Raphaël

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Open evenings only. Le Raphaël perfectly combines refined and relaxed to create the ideal setting for a romantic dinner, Chef Raphaël Martellotti craftly adapts his menu to the seasons and new wine pairings. Savour such delectable dishes as crackling bison steaks, filet mignon carpaccio, freshly hand crafted pasta, sweetbreads with porcini mushrooms, tartares, seafood, only to name a few! All dishes are freshly made and the menu reflects the subtle combination of great classics carefully adapted to the newest trends. May we offer one last suggestion: one of chef Raphaël's own succulent dessert creations. His Calvados and fleur de sel caramel fritters are absolutely perfect ...We look forward to being your hosts!

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