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  • Microbrasserie La Gare'nison

Bonne fêteMicrobrasserie La Gare'nison

Microbrasserie La Gare'nison


Microbrasserie La Gare'nison

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This package is available in the box Bonne fête.

At the microbrewery La Gare'nison, our beers are created and brewed on site by our brewer.

A garrison is a place where all the different types of trade would come together to build teams and troups in order to defend the area. This place then becomes a meeting place that everyone can go to in all quietness.

The name of our microbrewery was inspired by this word. Why did we split the word in half with an apostrophe? Because in a station, people exchange words, emotions, they come and go, and head towards new adventures. That is what we wish to offer our clients: new exciting adventures created by our atmosphere and our products.

Microbrewery La Gare'nison is inspired by heroes as well: those who watch over us, keep us safe and serve us continuously ; police officers, firefighters, AMTs and the military are recognized at our microbrewery. Life is full of adventures, and, with a simple gesture, we can become the hero someone needs, because we are all heroes deep down.

2 X

 For two people


• Two tasting trays of our house beers
• A cold cut and cheese platter to share

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