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  • Dermka Clinik Repentigny
  • Dermka Clinik Repentigny

Absolute WellnessDermka Clinik Repentigny

Dermka Clinik Repentigny


Dermka Clinik Repentigny

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This package is available in the box Absolute Wellness.

At Dermka Clinik, relaxing while preventing the signs of aging; it's possible!

Specialized in skin care, we have combined care-treatment and relaxation, in order to give our customers a well-deserved well-being experience.

We offer a multitude of services aimed at improving several issues such as; wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, pigment spots, sagging skin, etc. ...

Our reputation comes from the fact that we have a great attention to detail. The satisfaction of our beautiful clientele is important to us.

4 X

For four people


• One skin analysis per person
• One complete skin cleansing* per person
• One face massage per person
• One collagen mask per person
• One moisturizing per person
• One serum per person

*Microdermabrasion, extraction if needed, high frequency sonic vibration

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