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Absolute WellnessSpa Algua Sulis

Spa Algua Sulis


Spa Algua Sulis

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When your senses are crying out for some change, come and live the experience of relaxation in a pure Scandinavian style. From winter to summer, enjoy the genuineness of this truly Nordic spa, thanks to his sheltered concept that will protect you from bad weather! Visit the ancestral building and discover its charming style and refreshing ambiance. Spa Algua Sulis will introduce you to a new experience in relaxation and well being, always caring to preserve the balance of soul and body, in a world that changes as fast as seasons. Rejuvenating and energizing.

1 X

For one person


• An access to baths (2 h)
• A massage (90 min)
• An Algo-Performance Ino Sensi facial spa
• A facial cream (adapted for home use)
• A foot spa
• A hand spa


2 X

For two people


• An access to baths per person (2 h)
• A massage per person (90 min)
• A foot spa
• A foot care cream (adapted for home use)

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